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RECOMMENDED SUPPLIER: JULIE ANTONETTE - CELEBRANT ABOUT US Beautiful, Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies Wouldn’t   it   be   great   to   start   your   married   life   with   a   ceremony   that   is   unique   to   you? One   that   really   means   something   to   you   as   a   couple   and   to   your   families?   One   where you   can   set   the   tone   that’s   right   for   you,   where   you   can   choose   your   own      words   and music  and even write your own vows if you wish? Let   me   create   your   beautiful,   bespoke   ceremony   and   you   can   marry   where,   when   and however you like  – a hotel, a castle, a beach or even your back garden! Your   bespoke   ceremony   can   involve   contributions   from   family   and   friends   –   readings, poetry,    music    (even    fire    eating    if    that’s    what    rocks    your    socks).   You    can    include beautiful   elements   such   as   hand   fasting,   jumping   the   broom   or   unity   candle.   It   can   be formal, relaxed, quirky, romantic, whimsical – whatever you wish. Julie   Antonette   is   a   Civil   Celebrant,   accredited   by   the   UK   Society   of   Celebrants   and Member   of   Humanists   UK.   She   will   work   with   you   to   create   your   perfect   ceremony   to leave you with lasting memories of your special day. In Julie’s own words: “My   background   is   in   theatre   as   an   actress,   writer   and   director   and,   while   it   may   not seem   obvious,   the   work   of   a   celebrant   is   not   so   far   removed   from   that.   I   use   all   the skills   and   experience   of   my   work   in   the   arts   to   create   ceremonies   that   get   people talking. “The   ceremony   is   the   most   important   part   of   the   day,   after   all   -   it's   the   reason   we're   all there   in   the   first   place   -   so   it   should   be   memorable. As   a   writer   I   know   how   to   construct a   ceremony   that   keeps   everyone's   interest,   as   a   director   I   can   'stage'   the   ceremony   so that   the   setting   looks   beautiful   and   everyone   knows   exactly   what   to   do   on   the   day   and as   an   actress   I'm   confident   enough   to   conduct   the   ceremony   so   that   everyone   feels relaxed and enjoys the day.” Julie    can    also    create    beautiful,    bespoke    Renewal    of    Vows    and    Baby    Naming ceremonies.  
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